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CONVDOOR.JPG - Tammy tries to convince Dan that his experiment was a failure, not knowing that the evidence is standing right before her... Mark.

CONV-APT.JPG - Dan and Mark talk about the differences between their worlds at Dan's apartment. On Mark's 'Earth' there is apparently no Star Trek and Quebec has separated from Canada.

CONV-END.JPG - The end of the film in which the team attempts to send Mark home.

CONVLGHT.JPG - Dan looks on in disbelief as his experiment is about to bring someone over from another reality.

CONV-FLD.JPG - The 'Focusing Field'... a portal to alternate universes.

CONVHALL.JPG - Mark has apprehensions towards meeting the team members that brought him over to this world.

CONVREST.JPG - Dan believes Chris is a more reasonable team member and attempts to convince him of his success.

CONVCOMP.JPG - Mark offers some comforting words after a failed experiment.

CONVRAIL.JPG - Dave doesn't believe Mark is who he says he is and threatens his life in an attempt to discover the truth.

CONVEND2.JPG - The 'converged' science team.

The making of Convergence

Convergence at Cinefest


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